Certified Pro Trader (CPT)

Certified Pro Trader is a program which grooms you into a Professional Trader. This program is designed particularly for people who want to take Professional Stock Trading as a career.
Professional Trading has totally changed. Nowadays, it is about ALGO & High Frequency Trading. This program is much more and beyond the ordinary skills that most institutes teach you. ICFM trains you in an High end Technology Environment where you get Hands On experience on Advance Trading Software + Trading Strategies. You learn trading strategies used by Pro Traders and apply those strategies on Pro Trading Terminals.

Advanced TA + Advanced Option Strategies + Arbitrage Techniques + Live Exposure to Delta Trading, Pair Trading & ALGO Trading + Trading in International Markets.
ICFM is a place where StockMarket Institute=JOB and we deliver cutting edge training with the objective of Learn Trading = Money + JOB.